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The drip redesigned

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The drip redesigned

The Flomark™ is a new IV administration set that easily, intuitively and reliably shows flow rate.

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A simple fluid level shows the rate against a scale, instead of the standard method of counting drops.

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In trials with clinical staff, Flomark™ patented design has been proven to significantly reduce time taken to set infusion rates in comparison to traditional IV administration sets.

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The simple design allows the Flomark™ to be manufactured at the same competitive cost.

Traditional administration sets have not changed for decades. These devices are inaccurate, posing a threat to patient safety.

Studies have shown that prescribed rates are rarely adhered to in practice.  One study showed that less than 15% of infusions were within +/- 10% of desired rates, while only 21% of observations fell within +/- 20% of desired rates (1). Another showed that 26% were correctly administered at the prescribed rate (percentage error 10% to -10%), 67% were infused too slowly and 8% were infused too quickly (2).

NICE has recently issued guidance on the administration of IV fluids (3)    

The cost of inaccurate infusions amounts to USD$3.98 per patient per day (4).

1. In vivo accuracy of gravity-flow i.v. infusion systems, RE Crass and Vance JR, American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy February 1, 1985 vol. 42 no. 2 328-331 
2. Errors of intravenous fluid infusion rates in medical inpatients. Rooker JC, Gorard DA, Clin Med. 2007 Oct;7(5):482-5 
3. Nice guidance CG174 http://www.nice.org.uk/guidance/CG174
4. http://www.varori.co.za/infusion_problem.htm

Evidence behind Flomark™

Time saving

Variation in set up rates between Flomark™ and a standard ‘drip counter’ giving set in a sample of 13 practicing nurses. The subjects were not provided with training and were asked to administer a standard 1L bag of 0.9% normal saline over 8 hours (125 mls/hr) ex vivo under experimental conditions. The difference between the two was statistically significant (t test p<0.006).

A bar graph showing the mean time intakes to correctly set up Flomark versus a standard drip set up


Deviation from ideal flow rate (mls/hour) over time. The graph represents mean data taken from 12 IL bags of 0.9% Normal Saline administered ex-vivo using either a Flomark™ giving set or a standard control set over 12 hours. The Flomark™ maintains the prescribed rate (83.33 mls/hr) for twice as long as the drip count set up, and over the course of the experiment, the difference between the two was statistically significant (1 way ANOVA p=<0.001).

A line graph showing the deviation from the ideal flow rate over time of the Flomark versus a standard drip set

Intuitive use

We tested the Flomark™ against a regular gravity administration set (standard 'drip') with doctors and nurses on the front line of a busy London teaching hospital.

The intuitive design has had unanimously positive feedback from frontline staff. Here's what staff had to say about the Flomark™:

The Flomark™ has granted patents in numerous territories, and volume manufacture secured.  We are looking for distribution partners to benefit from this opportunity.

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The drip redesigned